Post Your Event

Looking to post your event on our site, read on!

Effective immediately, Michigan Girls AAU Basketball will only post events that have been approved and sanctioned through the AAU (National) Event Sanctioning Process.  
This means that an Event Director should apply and be approved as a Member. The Event Director / Host Club should have a Club Membership as well.
> The Event Director/Host Club must access the Event Sanctioning portion of the National Site and complete the application process.
> Once approved, the event(s) by Event Director or Host Club will be added to the National AND State website.
> Note: The State will charge no additional fees to add to the State's Event List.
> MGAB does not post events on dates already occupied by our own Association events.  This is a change from previous years. 

> Please contact Stephen Benard if you have any questions.

Phone: 313-580-0351